Swiss Screw

Certified Swiss Screw Machine Products and Precision Turned Parts Suppliers in Northern Nevada

Serving the Northern Nevada region since 1979, CES Machine offers custom, precision machined and turned parts for various industries like aerospace, defense, medical and other sectors where critical components with tight tolerances are needed. CES Machine proudly maintains certifications in ISO13485, AS9100 and ISO9001 can produce various finished products and complex components from raw material […]

Benefits of Swiss Screw Machining from CES Machine

Not sure if Swiss Screw Machining is right for option to produce a precision complex part? Let us explain why it is the smart choice for those looking for fabrication of various sized critical machined parts to serve industries such as aerospace, energy, automotive, medical, defense and automation devices for manufacturing and commerce. The Swiss […]

Swiss Screw Machining For Precision and Complex Parts Produced by CES Machine

CES Machine offers precision Swiss Screw machining services for various sized components in medium to high volumes. Swiss Screw machining is the process of rapidly spinning lathes that shave material down to the desired size. There are 2 major types of screw machines: Turret style and Swiss Screw. Swiss screw machines are more precise, relatively […]